London and Quadrant Housing Trust - Sales and Marketing Suite Cleaning (London) Framework 2019 - 2021 - AWARD

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London and Quadrant Housing Trust and its subsidiary Quadrant Construction Services are one of the largest providers of affordable housing in the UK, housing over 250,000 people in more than 95,000 homes, primarily across London and the South East of England. London and Quadrant Housing Trust are tendering for the provision of Sales and Marketing Suite Cleaning (London) for London and Quadrant's Self Delivered New Build Projects to comply with the Public Contracts regulations 2015. The objective of this tender process is to establish a Framework Agreement with the tenderers and London and Quadrant Housing Trust. The dates and contract value are estimates and could be subject to change. This is tender is for Service providers only.

This is a two stage tender and both stages adhere to the time-scales as prescribed within the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 for Restricted OJEU Tenders.

Stage 1: Selection Stage

o Click on the 'Express Interest' Button at the bottom
o Click on the 'Selection Stage' Tab at the top
o Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will be able to view the Tender Documents and access the Standard Selection Questionnaire
o For the Selection Stage you will only need to submit the Standard Selection Questionnaire
o We will score your questionnaire and will advise you as to whether you are successful or not
o Pricing Documents will only be available to those who have passed the Selection Stage


Stage 2: ITT Stage

o Click on the 'ITT' Tab
o Scroll to the bottom and you will be able to access the Tender Documents
o Tenderers will be briefed as to what they will need to submit for this tender

Please allow sufficient time to submit your return by the specified dates as late returns will not be permitted.

Any questions relating to this tender should be made via the correspondence facility on the Tender Portal. Emails sent to specific individuals within London and Quadrant involved with this procurement activity will not be responded to whilst the opportunity is live. Please do not contact Group Procurement for information as this Tender has been created by the Framework Department.

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