Search for COVID-19 tenders

Find tenders to provide critical products & services in your country.

What is this?

Tender Search is a way for suppliers to find out what buyers are looking for during the COVID-19 crisis. You can search across the world for any sort of opportunity. We've added a listing of commonly purchased items to help with infectious diseases above.

We're able to provide data on any country that has been publishing data from every region around the world. If your country's data isn't in our database, it may not be available or easy to gather.

To start you off, we've worked with with nurses and other front line workers to put together some sample searches below.

Who are we?

OpenOpps is run by the team behind Spend Network. We're data geeks, so we can't make ventilators or invent a vaccine for COVID-19, but we can share our data. We are hoping that our data might be useful to supply chain teams around the world.

If you like our service, please tell others. If you think it could be better, please tell us.

Notes on the data

The data is collected from public sources, we do our best to clean it up and make it presentable, but the quality of our sources varies significantly.

Some of the contracts in the data are framework contracts, where the buyer asks for the supply of multiple lots from multiple suppliers. If a contractor is on a contract, it doesn't mean they can supply all of the goods or services listed in the contract.

Just in case

It goes without saying, we can't be liable for what you find here. The data is gathered by us and made accessible. That's all we can do. Please do your due diligence on any of the suppliers listed in this database before you trade with them.

Open Data License

This data is published under an open license, so anyone can access the data and use it for free. If you republish the data, you must cite us as the source. You can find out more about licensing on our legal page and about our values on our about page.

Our partners

This is a team effort, all of these organisations have helped us publish this data.