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B01AA07 ACENOCOMAROL 4mg tablet B01AF02 APIKSABAN 5mg film coated tablet J01FA10 AZITHROMYCiN 500mg film coated tablet C08CA01 AMLODIPINE 10 mg tablet C01BD01 AMIODARONE 200mg tablet J01CR02 AMOXICILLIN, CLAVULANIC ACID 875mg/125mg film coated tablet/tablet C10AA05 ATORVASTATIN 40mg film coated tablet C10AA05 ATORVASTATIN 80mg film coated tablet C07AB07 BISOPROLOL 5mg film coated tablet C07AB07 BISOPROLOL 2.5mg film coated tablet C09CA06 CANDESARTAN 8mg tablet J01DD08 CEFIXIME 400mg film coated tablet J01MA02 CIPROFLOXACIN 500mg film coated tablet C07AG02 CARVEDILOL 6.25mg film coated tablet J01FF01 CLINDAMYCIN 300mg hard-shell capsule B01AC04 CLOPIDOGREL 75mg film coated tablet C01AA05 DIGOXIN 0.25mg tablet C03DA04 EPLERENONE 25mg tablet C09AA02 ENALAPRIL 20mg tablet C01BC04 FLECAINIDE 100mg tablet C08CA13 LERCANIDIPINE 10mg film coated tablet C01EB17 IVABRADINE 5mg tablet C01EB18 IVABRADINE 7.5mg tablet C09AA03 LISINOPRIL 5mg tablet C09AA03 LISINOPRIL 10mg tablet C09AA03 LISINOPRIL 20mg tablet R06AX13 LORATADINE 10mg tablet C09CA01 LOSARTAN 50mg film coated tablet N05AA02 LEVOMEPROMAZINE 100mg film coated tablet C07AB02 METOPROLOL 95mg modified-release tablet J01MA14 MOXIFLOXACIN 400mg film coated tablet C08CA05 NIFEDIPINE 40mg modified-release tablet C09AA04 PERINDOPRIL 4mg tablet C09AA05 RAMIPRIL 5mg tablet H02AB06 PREDNISOLONE 20mg tablet C02CA01 PRAZOSIN 2mg tablet A12BA01 POTASSIUM CHLORIDE 0.5g tablet for oral solution C01BC03 PROPAFENONE 150mg film coated tablet A02BC02 PANTOPRAZOLE 40mg gastro-resistant tablet J01EE01 SULFAMETHOXAZOLE/TRIMETHOPRIM mg400/80mg tablet G04BD09 TROSPIUM 5mg tablet C08DA01 VERAPAMIL 80mg coated tablet C08DA01 VERAPAMIL 240mg film coated tablet/prolonged-release tablet C09CA03 VALSARTAN 80mg film coated tablet C09CA03 VALSARTAN 160mg film coated tablet R03DA05 AMINOPHYLLINE 350mg prolonged-release tablet J01FA09 CLARITHROMYCIN 500mg film coated tablet/modified-release tablet B03AB05 DEXTRIFERRON 100mg chewable tablet J02AC01 FUROSEMIDE 40mg tablet A02BA03 FAMOTIDINE 20mg film coated tablet/tablet C01DA08 ISOSORBIDE DINITRATE 5mg sublingual tablet N02BB02 METAMIZOLE SODIUM 500 mg tablet N02BB02 METAMA010BA02 METFORMIN 1000mg film coated tablet/tablet A07AX03 NIFUROXAZIDE 200mg capsuleT J01MA06 NORFLOXACIN 400mg film coated tablet/modified-release tablet A11GA01 ASCORBIC ACID 100mg/ml solution for injection J01GB06 AMIKACIN 500mg/2ml solution for injection, solution for injection or infusion J01FA10 AZITHROMYCiN 500mg powder for solution for infusion A03BA01 ATROPIN SULFAT 1mg/1ml solution for injection J01DC02 CEFUROXIME 1500mg solution for injection, solution for injection or infusion J01DD01 CEFOTAXIME 1000mg powder for solution for injection/powder and vehiculum J01XB01 COLISTIN(COLISTMETHATE) 100000 IE powder for solution for injection or infusion D11AX03 CALCIUM GLUCONAT 10%10ml solution for infusion D11J01FF01 CLINDAMYCIN 600mg/4ml solution for injection, solution for injection or infusion B03BA01 CYANOCOBALAMIN 500mG/1ml solution for injection B02BX02 CARBAZOCHROME 10mg/2ml solution for injection C01AA05 DIGOXIN 0.25mg/2ml solution for injection or infusion J02AC01 FLUCONAZOLE 2mg/1ml solution for infusion C01BC04 FLECAINIDE 10mg/ml solution for injection V03AB25 FLUMAZENIL 5ml/0.5mg solution for injection N01AH01 FENTANYL 0.1mg/2ml solution for injection B01AX05 FONDAPARINUX 2.5mg/0.5ml solution for injection H04AA01 GLUCAGON 1mg powder and vehiculum for solution for injection C01DA02 GLYCERYL TRINITRATE 10mg/10ml solution for injection N05AD01 HALOPIRIDOL 50mg/1ml solution for injection R03AB02 ISOPROTERENOL HIDROCLORID 0.2mg/1ml solution for injection J01DH51 IMIPENEM/CILASTATIN 500mg/500mg powder for solution for injection J01DHN05AA02 LEVOMEPROMAZINE 25mg/1ml solution for injection/solution for infusion C07AB14 LANDIOLOL 20mg/2ml solution for injection C07AG01 LABETALOL 5mg/1ml solution for injection N02BB02 METAMIZOLE SODIUM 1g/2ml solution for injection N05CD08 MIDAZOLAM 5mg/5ml solution for injection Ј01XD01 METRONIDAZOLЕ 500mg/100ml solution for infusion Ј01XD01J01MA14 MOXIFLOXACIN 400mg/250ml solution for infusion B05XA05 MAGNEZIUM SULFAT 1.5g/10ml solution for injection B05XAC01CE02 MILRINONE 50mg solution for injection V03AB15 NALOXONE 0.4mg/ml solution for injection or infusion C02DD01 SODIUM NITROPRUSSIDE 30mg/5ml solution for injection C01CA03 NOREPINEPHRINE BITARTARATE 4mg/4ml concentrate for solution for infusion/solution for J01MA03 PEFLOXACIN 400mg/5ml solution for injection J01CR05 PIPERACILLIN/TAZOBAKTAM 4gr/500mg powder for solution for injection or infusion J01CR05 PIN02BE01 PARACETAMOL 10mg/ml solution for infusion A12BA01 POTASSIUM CHLORIDE 7.45 % solution for infusion V03AB014 PROTAMINE SULPHATE 10mg/ml solution for injection or infusion C01CA06 PHENYLEPHRINE HCL 10mg/ml solution for injection or infusion N06BX03 PIRACETAM 200mg/1ml solution for injection B05XA03 SODIUM CHLORIDE 10 %-20 % solution for injection or infusion R03AC02 SALBUTAMOL 5mg/ml inhalation solution for nebulizer B01AD01 STREPTOKINASE 1,500,000 IE powder for solution for injection or infusion A11DA01 THIAMINE 100mg /1ml /im/iv solution for injection C02CA06 URAPIDIL 25mg/5ml solution for injection C08DA01 VERAPAMIL 5mg/2ml solution for injection B05BA01 solutions for parenteral nutrion,amino acids 8 % solution for infusion N01BB02 LIDOCAINE 20 mg/1 g 1 Al tube х 25 g + applicator/box R03BB01 IPRATROPIUM BROMIDE 250mcg/2ml inhalation solution for nebulizer R03BA02 BUDESONIDE 0.5mg/ml suspension for nebulizer M01AB05 DICLOFENAC 50mg suppository C01BD01 AMIODARONE 150mg/3ml solution for injection,solution for injection or infusion R03DA05 AMINOPHYLLINE 250mg/10ml solution for injection B01AD02 ALTEPLASE 50mg powder and vehiculum for solution for injection/infusion C01EB10 ADENOZINE 3mg/ml solution for injection J01MA02 CIPROFLOXACIN 100mg/10ml concentrate for solution for infusion R06AC03 CHLOROPYRAMINE 20mg/2ml solution for injection J01DD04 CEFTRIAXONE 1000mg i.v./i.m powder for solution for injection/powder and vehiculum for solution for H02AB02 DEXAMETHASONЕ 4mg/1ml solution for injection CD1CA04 DOPAMINE 40mg/1ml (5ml) infusion solution concentrate N05BA01 DIAZEPAM 5mg/1ml(10мg/2ml) solution for injection,solution for injection or infusion C01CA07 DOBUTAMINE 250mg/20ml concentrate for solution for infusion C07AB09 ESMELOL 10mg/ml solution for injection C09AA02 ENALAPRILAT 1.25mg/1ml solution for injection B01AB05 ENOXAPARIN 2000 anti- XA IE/0.2ml solution for injection B01AB05 ENOXAPARIN 4000 anti- XA IE/0.4ml solution for injection C03CA01 FUROSEMIDE 20mg/2ml solution for injection B05BA03 GLUCOSUM 20-50 % solution for injection B01AB01 HEPARIN 25000IE/5ml solution for injection A10AB05 INSULIN aspart 100 IE/1ml solution for injection A10AC01 INSULIN(HUMAN) 100 IE/1ml suspension for injection A03FA01 METOCLOPRAMIDE 10mg/2ml solution for injection H02AB04 METHYLPREDNISOLONE/METHYLPREDNISOLONE SUCCINATE NATRIUM 40mg(40mg/1ml) N02AA01 MORPHINE 20mg/1ml solution for injection A02BC02 PANTOPRAZOLE 40mg powder for solution for injection,powder for solution for injection or infusion N01AX10 PROPOFOL 10mg/1ml emulsion for injection or infusion B02BA01 PHYTOMENADIONE 10mg/1ml solution for infusion B05XA02 SODIUM BICARBONATE 8.4 % solution for injection B01AC17 TIROFIBAN 0.25mg/1ml concentrate for solution for infusion C04BD09 TROSPIUM 0.2mg/5ml solution for injection J01XA01 VANCOMYCIN 1000mg(1gr) powder for solution for infusion,powder for concentrate for solution forInfusion,powder for solution for infusion or oral solution N01BB02 LIDOCAINE 100mg/1ml 1 dark glass bottle х 50 ml with pump and sprayer / box B05BA03 carbohydrates/glucose (solutions for parenteral nutrion) 5 % solution for infusion B05BC01 MANNITOL 20 %(200mg/1ml) solution for infusion B05BB01 ELECTROLYTES 1 % 1000 ml solution to contain: sodium chloride.. . 8.60 g of potassium chloride.. .0.30 g calcium chloride dihydrate.. . 0.33 g (equivalent to 0.249 g calcium chloride) solution for infusion B05XA03/B05BB01 SODIUM CHLORIDE,ELECTROLYTES 0.9 % solution for infusion B05XA03/B05BB01 ELECTROLYTES,SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.9 % solution for infusion piece РР bag x 100ml/PE

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