CLI-OJEU-40703 Sterilisation and Decontamination Consumables

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Lot 1: Autoclave Accessories includes all accessories used in association with an autoclave. This includes:Indicator TapeAutoclave tapeAutoclave logsAutoclave print rollsAutoclave printer ribbonThermal paperClass 6 indicatorsBowie and Dick TestsSTF Load Check indicatorsChemical IndicatorsAutoclave sensor sheetsTST Control IndicatorsBiological IndicatorsSelf-contained biological indicators Lot 2 Gowns used in a wash room environment. This includes;Impervious and water resistant gowns Lot 3 Sterilisation Brushes used by Sterile Services on re-usable instruments. This includes;Hand/Nail BrushesSingle ended brushesDouble ended brushesReamer tube brushesTwisted wire brushesFrazier suction brushesBaron Suction brushesDiathermy brushesInterlocking brushes Lot 4 Towels and Baby Wrap used in Maternity and the making of Procedure Packs. This includes;Baby WrapDressing TowelHand Towel Lot 5 Chemicals used in Autoclave Machines and Washer/Dryer machines for the purpose of sterilisation and decontamination Lot 6 Bowls, gallipots and kidney dishes used in the making of Procedure Packs. This includes;Polypropylene BowlsFoil BowlsPolypropylene GallipotsPolypropylene JugsPolypropylene Kidney dishes Lot 7 Wipes used for the purposed of sterilisation and decontamination Lot 8 Pulp Products used in the making of Procedure Packs. This includes;Pulp Kidney dishes and pulp trays Lot 9 Sterilisation wrap to act as a barrier/wrap for medical devices and Procedure Packs Lot 10 Sterilisation paper to act as a barrier/wrap for medical devices and Procedure Packs Lot 11 Tray liner for the use in Procedure Packs Lot 12 Sterilisation pouches and reels for the creation of Procedure Packs. This includes;Self Seal PouchesHeat Seal PouchesFlat PouchesGusseted PouchesFlat ReelsGusseted reelsSterilisation bags, plain closureSterilisation bags, heat closure Lot 13 Transportation wrap, covers and boxes for the transportation of Procedure Packs and Medical Devices. To include;Transportation wrapTransportation coversTransportation boxes Lot 14 Polypropylene trays used in the sterilisation process and the making of Procedure Packs. Lot 15 Metal instrument trays used in the sterilisation process. This includes;Stainless steel basketsDin basketsInstrument traysMesh basketsWire traysNic Nac traysRound basketsQuarter traysScope trays Lot 16 Sterilisation Accessories used in conjunction of making Procedure Packs. This includes;Cable tiesSecurity tagsTray tagsPoint protectorsCorner cardsAutoclave pensLabelsXmas Tree tagsBatch clipsBatch cycle record cardsLabel carriersInstrument locksLabelsPrinter rollsPrinter cartridgeWax/resin ribbon Lot 17 Sterilisation Tracking Accessories used in tracking and auditing of Procedure Packs. This includes;LabelsSteam steriliser envelopesWaterproof paperPatient record sheetsWasher/disinfector check sheetsDaily/weekly batch padScope washer padsScope process logEndoscope request formInstrument tray logScope Audit Trail bookClean indicator sheetsTracking labelsPatient tracer carrier labels Lot 18 Validation Tests for Sterilisation and Decontamination and packing processes. This includes;Heat seal control testSurface Hygiene TestCleaning Efficacy indicatorProtein testBiological indicatorsLoad check holderLeak testerWash monitor ultrasonic testBrowne test soilWash monitor washer disinfectant testBiological indicatorsBiological cartridgesBiological indicator strips Lot 19 Endoscopy brushes used by Sterile Services/Endoscopy on re-usable instruments and scopes. This includes;Broncoscope brushesCombination channel brushesChannel BrushesDisposable endoscopy brushesPull Thru brushesDouble ended brushesSingle ended brushesPort brushesFleece stem brushesMicrolene Brushes Lot 20 Endoscopy storage for storage of Endoscopy Scopes. This includes;Scope traysScope LinersScope tray lidsEndoscope carts Lot 21 Endoscopy bags for the storage and decontamination of Endoscopy Scopes. This includes;Endoscope vacuum bagsScope protecting tunnelsEndoscopy scope re-sealable bags Lot 22 Accessories used in association with an washer/dryer machine. To include but not limited to;Valve and button containerClear leak test channelAuxiliary channelSuction channelBiopsy ChannelBridge ChannelChannel connectorC02 TubingScope flowMembrane capsule filterBiopsy valveWall filterY-PieceWater filterPleated filter cartridgeMicron filterSuction channel cleaning capUniversal Suction channel connectorAir/water buttonsO ring kitsBase filterDrying connector setLeak test connection tubeDrying basketFlush kitSuction buttonCold water valve

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33191000 - Sterilisation, disinfection and hygiene devices
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