Surgical drapes and associated products: Department clothing, gauze masks, headgear, marking pens, lifting sheets, and other associated products for the health trusts in Health Region West.

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Department clothing with sleeves, legs and waists.
Disposable heating jacket in various sizes, short and long arms for use in hospitals.
Disposable clothing without sleeves for use at hospitals.
Disposable pure air suits for operations/surgery.
Disposable and multiple use glasses and visors for use during surgery.
Surgigal gauze masks, classification 2.
Gauze masks classification 2 with additional adaptation for mouth.
3.2.1 Gauze mask visor.
3.2.2 Gauze mask visor, anti-fogging.
3.2.3 Gauze masks visor, anti-reflective.
3.2.4 Gauze masks visor, anti-reflective and anti-fogging.
3.2.5 Gauze mask, splash proof.
3.2.6 Offer for especially sensitive classification 2R.
4.1. Cap/hat without elastic (used for patients).
4.2. Cap/hat Round equivalent, 52cm or equivalent.
4.3. Cap/hat Round equivalent, 55cm or equivalent.
4.4. Cap/hat equivalent with sweatband. Elastic in the neck, reinforced. Or equivalent.
4.5. Helmet with throat fastening.
4.6. Cap/hat, with elastic in the neck (side cap), or equivalent.
4.7. Helmet/hat with sweatband with regulation on top of the hood, elastic under chin and covers the throat. Or equivalent
4.8. Helmet/hat with sweatband, with regulation on top of the hat, elastic under chin. Covers the throat, chest and out on the shoulders. Or equivalent.
Headband/sweatband for use during operations and surgeries.
Disposable mats for patients for use during/after operations and for moving of patients.
Surgical marking pens.
Washing sets for EDA and spinal, Haukeland.
9.1 Watertight, unsterilised table sheet,100*240 cm.
9.2 Lifting sheet, water tight with absorption equivalent 100*240 cm.
9.3 Lifting sheet, water tight with absorption equivalent 78*140 cm (flat sheet).
9.4 Pillowcases.
9.5 Watertight table arm sheet.
Cannula containers and knife holders for sharp objects.
Bandages for Ischemia for use during surgical intervention/orthopaedics.

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33140000 - Medical consumables

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