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OpenOpps Intelligence - insights you need to grow your business.

Unparalleled intelligence for the £220bn that public sector buyers spend with companies. Know the size of your market, track your competitors, target future opportunities.

Detailed and accurate analysis that helps you to win.

Get the data you need to focus on the right customers, to win the most profitable bids and to beat your competitors.

Central Government

We gather the data for all the main, ministerial departments and their arms length bodies, as well as many non-departmental public bodies.

Local Government

We gather data from all large local authorities, including County Councils, Unitary Authorities and Metropolitan District Councils.


We gather spending from National Health Trusts and Care Commissioning groups that publish data.


We gather every line of published data for over 300 buyers, so that you can always know where they spend their money.


Using powerful search you can search for any company, buyer or keyword to get the most powerful insights into the market.


We have linked thousands of records to company registers, so that you can fully understand who is earning money from the public sector.


Spend analysis for UK public sector

What is in the data?

Our spending data is like the bank statement for the public sector, we know who was paid, how much they were paid and who paid them. We have also linked and categorised the data.

Every record details, the buyer’s name, the supplier’s name, the transaction date and the value of the transaction.

We process and publish every transaction from the available data, giving you access to over 100m individual transactions.

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Contract pipelines

What is in the data?

We gather every published contract from multiple sources across the UK. We know when contracts are coming to an end and their value.

All of our contract records include details of the buyer, supplier, requirements and the end date of the contract.

With daily updates on contracts from multiple sources, users can successfully plan their marketing and engagements based on upcoming contract renewals.

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The power of search

Search by region, buyer, supplier or keyword

Our lightening fast, search engine gives users the power to search over 100m records in the blink of an eye.

Restrict your search to different government sectors, e.g. NHS or Local Government. Restrict your search by region, to get a true understanding of your target market.

Search for competitors or search for keywords to give real insights into the activities of your competitors and to understand which buyers spend most in your market.

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Million rows
Thousand suppliers

What can you discover?

To help you make the best decisions for your business we've developed analytics that allow you to know the market better than ever before.

Market size

Search by supplier, category or region to understand the market size for your product or service.

Competitor analysis

Know where your competitors trade, who they trade with, how much they earn and whether their book is growing.

Download the data

Need to use our data in your work, that's fine, you can download the results of your search and use it however you want.


Find out which contracts are expiring soon, so that you can target the right buyers at the right time.

Understand categories

Find out which buyers are active in your category, when they buy and what they are buying.

Find the growth

Using our analysis over time, you can see when spend is occuring, including whether or not your market is growing.

Who's using our data?

From consulting to couriers any business trading with the public sector can benefit from using our data analysis.
Bid less, win more.

Who do we have data for?

This is just some of the public bodies that we gather data for. We gather data from over 300 buyers. With over six years of data, we have over 100m rows of data, creating an authoritative analysis of the whole public sector.