Our Data Pitch Journey is Coming to a Close

Our Data Pitch Journey is Coming to a Close

Data Pitch

Over the last six months we've been priveledged to be part of Data Pitch: 'an open innovation programme bringing together corporate and public-sector organisations that have data with startups and SMEs that work with data'.

The problem we tackled

Data on public procurement is disorganised, spread across multiple portals and not connected to identifiers, making it hard to analyse trends in public sector markets and find opportunities.

The situation is particularly bad in Europe where data is spread over 13,000 different portals.

The solution we proposed

A single source of public procurement data - contracts, tenders and spend where available.

Creative clear and useable visualisations to help people understand public sector markets.

What we achieved

  • Dashboard live with new customers

  • New API for tenders launched

  • Partnered with Sciamlab in Italy to support OCDS translation to Italian

  • Italian tender data live and searchable on OpenOpps.com

  • Data gathering, linking and augmentation 

  • Dashboard redesigned in response to feedback and market review

Next steps

It's not over yet! Building on the work we've done to gather and process data and the connections we've made in Italy, we'll continue to enhance our contract and tender data for Italy.

We'll also remain part of the Data Pitch community, supporting its aims and the next round of the Data Pitch programme.

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