Work for Us! We're hiring a Research Manager

Work for Us! We're hiring a Research Manager

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It seems that most people who follow the news have wondered at some point why Government contracts keep going wrong.  That’s where fits in, we’re a small agency that gathers public procurement data and uses it to improve the way public bodies spend money and combat fraud, as well as helping suppliers to engage with Governments. We do all of this in the open, so that everyone can benefit from our work. We have a range of digital products that companies and Governments rely on to help them improve procurement.

We’re looking for a Research Manager to help us grow our research function and to make the most of the extensive data we have on public procurement.

What you’ll be doing:

This unique role needs someone who can get to grips with top quality data analysis and research, working with the small team at to create compelling and easy to interpret research.

You’ll be responsible for designing research projects and then leading them from analysis through to conclusions. Sometimes that will mean writing up stories for our blog, sometimes that will mean delivering research for our grant funded projects in Europe, and sometimes that will mean leading clients through a piece of research that they have commissioned.

You’ll be working closely with the founder to help design the research and to work with our small team to take the projects from concept through to delivery, making sure that our data is robust enough to be analysed along the way, so you’ll need to have an eye for a good story. For example, could you use our data to predict whether councils are facing budgetary pressures? Or could you investigate what the future looks like for Capita?

What is on offer?

A salary of between £30,000 and £38,000 depending on experience and knowledge. 24 days leave and a generous work from home policy, including the ability to spend time working abroad if you wish.

You should be...

  • an excellent project manager who understands how to take research from the design phase through to completion in tight deadlines;

  • an excellent quantitative analyst with an understanding of how to manage varied and sometimes incomplete datasets;

  • personable and willing when working with others, being able to communicate exactly what we are able to achieve with the data we have;

  • able to write compelling stories from the data, making the more esoteric aspects of public procurement accessible and interesting;

  • genuinely interested in public policy and the way that public money is spent;

  • and knowledgeable about the public procurement process, including the challenges that suppliers often face when trying to access data on opportunities.

Perhaps you’ve been leading a small team already and you’re looking for a new challenge, or perhaps you’re ready to take the step up in your career to start managing other people. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to join a small, friendly team, to develop your career and to grow your skills. You’ll need be a self-starter, someone who is ready to accept responsibility and be willing to show some entrepreneurial flair.

Please send a CV and a short email detailing some of the projects you’ve completed and why you’re a good fit for this job to We’re not looking for War and Peace, but we are looking for something specific to the job, so generic responses will go in the bin.

NO AGENCIES. (If you’re thinking "that means every other agency except us”, then I’m afraid you’re wrong. Spamming from agencies wastes our resources and annoys our staff. If you send us an unsolicited email, we’ll reply with a request to be forgotten).

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