Scotland Boosts Procurement Transparency with Supplier Journey Website

Scotland Boosts Procurement Transparency with Supplier Journey Website

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

The Scottish Government has made its procurement process more transparent to all by created a new website for potential government suppliers, explaining how to bid for public sector contracts.  It went live on the 18th of June, providing insight for companies wanting to engage in public procurement in Scotland.

The free website sets out how companies can bid for contracts to supply goods, services and health and social care to government. It takes potential suppliers through each stage of the process, from understanding the marker, to finding opportunities, bidding, contract awards and contract management.

In addition to a step by step guide to procurement, the website has hints and tips for bidders, a glossary of procurement terms, and links to further support available to Scottish companies.

It explains procurement jargon and legislation, introducing key elements of Scottish public procurement to anyone finding it difficult to navigate. It explains the importance of Prior Information Notices, Contract Notices, Contract Award Notices and Contract Registers and how companies can use this information to plan bids.

The website will be updated to reflect any changes in legislation, making it a valuable resource even for experienced suppliers to government. It has an alert system to notify you of changes, ensuring you remain up to speed on developments in Scottish procurement.


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