Focus on Govia

Focus on Govia


The Southern Rail franchise was revealed this week to have the lowest customer satisfaction score in the recent National Rail Passenger Survey.1 This follows years of disruption from strikes and reports of poor-value service, for which Southern’s owners, Govia  have been fined £13.4m.2

Govia runs services across the country, including London and Birmingham railway (also known as London Midland), South Eastern and Great Northern. In London, Govia also runs the Thameslink and Gatwick Express services.

At Open Opps, we analysed the Government’s £1.04 billion spend with Govia between  2012 to 2016.  The slides are available here:  

The Department for Transport is the biggest buyer, responsible for 99.4% of the government’s spend with Govia. This spend has decreased across the last five years, declining by an average of 14% a year. From September 2015, spend has been almost exclusively quarterly payments averaging at £42.3m. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, payments were more varied, with the highest monthly spend of £76.2m in January 2012.

Not including DFT, spend is highest for Bedford Unitary Authority (£1.7m), West Sussex County Council (£1m) and Warwickshire County Council (£0.9m). The most spend is in the regions of the South East, the East of England and the West Midlands.

The Govia companies with the most spend are London and South Eastern Railway Ltd (£774.5m), Southern Railway Ltd (£171.m) and Govia Thameslink Railway Ltd (£88.5m).


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