7 reasons SMEs should consider selling to the public sector

7 reasons SMEs should consider selling to the public sector


It can seem complicated and time-consuming, but there are lots of reasons for SMEs to sell to the public sector. Here are seven of them:

  1. The Government spends £200bn per year on goods and services with all sorts of businesses, from cleaners to hairdressers.

  2. There were over 220,000 public sector tenders in the UK in the last 12 months. That’s a lot of opportunities, even for small businesses.

  3. The Government is loyal to suppliers. Barriers to entry can work in your favour once you’re working in the sector

  4. The Government promotes prompt payment. Small businesses have the right to get paid in 10 days when they trade with Government.

  5. The Government cares about small businesses, they want to make sure that SMEs get 33% of all spend.

  6. Government initiatives like the Digital Marketplace are creating even more opportunities for SMEs (over 55% of spend through the Digital Marketplace goes to SME providers).

  7. Government buyers are legally required to look at the social impact of their tenders, so if companies can help grow local employment or improve your community, they have to take this into account when setting up their tenders.


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