Why you should use OpenOpps.com

Why you should use OpenOpps.com


We want you to use us, so we’ve done our utmost to make sure we’re offering the best possible deal for you. Here’s why you should search for opportunities on OpenOpps.com:

  • We’re free to search

    • All our open tenders are free to search for everyone. We have advanced search options so you can search by buyer and industry code. Our fast, efficient search helps you to find the tenders that are relevant to you. This means it’s easier to find the opportunities you need with OpenOpps.com.

  • We have free alerts

    • Once you’ve found the search that gets you the best results, you can set an alert to have the results emailed directly to you.

  • We have more opportunities than anyone else and we’re growing every day

    • Not only do we gather opportunities from hundreds of UK portals, we also have opportunities from over 76 other countries meaning that we have the most comprehensive set of government contract opportunities.

  • We’re here to help

    • Our live chat app  lets you ask us questions and get help within minutes.

  • We’re building better tools

    • We want to make OpenOpps.com the best way for you to find government opportunities, so we’re creating new tools to help you understand public sector buyers, see trends in your industry and predict when the best tenders for you are about to be advertised. Email us at contact@openopps.com for more details.

  • We fight corruption

  • We’re on a mission

    • Our mission is to make procurement better for everyone. We believe that a well-functioning system of public procurement benefits all of society. It delivers better services, ensure best value and rewards good suppliers. We work to achieve this mission by supporting transparent procurement, working with government to fight collusion, and highlighting best practice.

To find out more about who we are and what we do, email contact@openopps.com or tweet @open_opps.

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