Experimenting with Organicity - Open Opps’ story so far

Experimenting with Organicity - Open Opps’ story so far


Organicity encourages co-creating for smart cities through an exciting new set of tools for working with and sharing data. We’ve been lucky enough to be chosen as an experimenter to test out the platform with a data project designed to improve understanding on public spending in London. We’re now looking for people to test our offering, please get in touch to find out more: contact@openopps.com.

In November, we began our experiment on Organicity and, so far, most of our work has involved processing data. We’re working to enhance tender data by linking the names of buyers published on tender portals to legal entities. This is much, much harder than it sounds! There is no standard list of government buyers and buyer names are entered as free text which means the same entity could style themselves in multiple different ways. It is also hard to find a canonical list of all public sector bodies. Open Register and the ONS Geoportal are great resources, as is Open Corporates for instances where government bodies are registered as companies.

We’ve also been testing out the Organicity platform, performing feasibility checks to see whether the tools meet our needs, but it is only in February, when we will start using the tools to publish data and create apps, that we will truly be able to comment upon the effectiveness on the tools and how we think they could improve. We’ve shared an idea of what our data could achieve through this Scenario, which can be commented upon and improved by everyone.

Once our data is shared on Organicity, we need to test it. We’re looking for anyone who might find the data useful to act as testers, whether you be a potential government supplier, a citizen interested in transparency or a data expert. Please get in touch: contact@openopps.com.

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