Better search: Tip 5 - Location search

Better search: Tip 5 - Location search

We've recently updated our search algorithms, so you're going to get fewer results, but those results will be more accurate.

To narrow down your results even further, here are some tips on how to get more relevant search results.

If you run a local business, you won’t want to see results from all over the country, just ones that are in your area. Our location search means you can restrict your search results to your area.

However, buyers aren’t always very good at explaining where contracts are going to happen, in the end, we have to use the address they supply us with. That’s fine, but it can make it hard to search an area. The best way to search a specific area is to think what might be in their address, so if you want to search East and West Sussex, you can just put “Sussex” into the search, but a number of buyers in Brighton might leave the county out of their address, so to make sure you’re getting the right data you need to combine both terms in your search  like this:

Sussex, Brighton

To search a wider area, you need to add a longlist of towns, here’s our list for the North West:

Wigan Bolton Rochdale Preston Blackburn Burnley Manchester Stockport Liverpool Warrington St. Helens  Cheshire Chester Crewe Macclesfield Lancashire Lancs

This way you’ll get much closer to the tenders you need.

If you’d like help with search, just start a chat with us and we’ll help you to find what you need.

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