Better search: Tip 3 - Combine with category

Better search: Tip 3 - Combine with category

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We've recently updated our search algorithms, so you're going to get fewer results, but those results will be more accurate. That's good news, until you get the dreaded "no results" page.

So here’s a tip on how to broaden your search.

Use the CPV classification in the advanced search to locate opportunities across a whole category.

Categories allow you to explore the area that interests your business, they're a good way to identify the words that are commonly used by buyers in your industry.

Combining a category with a keyword allows you to find relevant tenders within a category. Searching for “project management” in the construction category will give you project management tenders that are specifically in construction.

If you’d like help with search, just start a chat with us and we’ll help you to find what you need.

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