Winning Government Business - Open Opps at the Innovation Eat Up

Winning Government Business - Open Opps at the Innovation Eat Up

Sussex Innovation, Croydon

Ian Makgill of Open Opps shows how to find the right opportunities to win government business. You can watch his talk here and view the slides here.

Open Opps  works from Sussex Innovation Centre in Croydon, which helps innovative businesses to grow. One way they do this is through running monthly ‘Eat-Ups’, lunchtime sessions where you can learn new ways to improve your business. In July, Ian Makgill, founder of Open Opps, and Terri Hudson of Baker Wanless gave a presentation on Winning Government Business.

Open Opps supports businesses from every sector to win government tenders, from construction contracts to cleaning contracts. Backed by research into the public sector markets and over 20 years of experience of both selling to government and buying for government, this presentation is a great place to start if you want to learn how to sell to government.

If you have any questions on the session, get in touch at, tweet @Open_Opps or get in touch through our in-website messaging on the bottom left of the screen.


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