Introducing Open Opps

Introducing Open Opps

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At Spend Network, we’ve been gathering public tenders for over five years. Now we’re making them available for everyone to search for free. Forever.

That’s why we’ve launched Open Opps:

Open Opps is the only place where you can view the world’s tenders for free. We publish tenders from across the globe openly, so you can access a world of opportunities.

We want to make public procurement opportunities open to all. We believe assisting more companies to government procurement not only boosts business but also allows the public sector to benefit from greater choice from multiple suppliers, delivering the best value to everyone.

We host all the tenders from Europe, India, Norway, Australia, Canada, the USA and others. We're adding new sites all the time, please contact us to find out if we have tenders from a site you want or if you would like us to add tenders from a new source.

We cover every category of spend, from social care and health contracts, through to construction and achitectural tenders.

Obviously we have all of the UK’s public sector tenders, including many that aren't published on Contracts Finder. It’s easy to search and you can create alerts to get the tenders you want in your inbox every day. Our fast and effective keyword search is a simple way to find all the tenders you need. As this website grows we’ll be adding loads of new ways to filter your searches so you can pinpoint the right tenders from the buyers that suit your business.

Please get in touch at for more details.

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