Opening up tender notice data

Opening up tender notice data

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We’re working on a new project to open up tender notice data. We know that there are already a bunch of services offering aggregated tender notices, but we feel that many of them are missing a crucial point: that this data will, increasingly become open.

It is not sustainable for software companies to exercise their copyright over the material published by Government, if you are searching for a construction contract or a cleaning tender, you have the right to access that information in the most efficient way possible. 

We’ve already written about the important of the Open Contracting Data standard, and we’ll be complying with the data standard in all of the open data we release.

We’re working to build a compelling product, that’s started with building the database and making it searchable using Elastic Search. We’ve started testing and we aim to go live with a formal product in the next 6 weeks, but this is just the start of the journey, we’re committed to building the most compelling opportunity alert product that we can.

But we also have a challenge here, we have to be commercial, we're looking at different models, but it seems likely that we will restrict access to the data based on its concurrency, we hope that this allows us to balance the need for open data with the commercial pressure of running a business.

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