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Four Key Reasons for Interserve’s Troubles

Four Key Reasons for Interserve’s Troubles

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Shares in Interserve dropped over 15% in January just a day after the Carillion collapse after rumours emerged that a Cabinet Office team was set up to monitor its financial health.1  Open data on central, local and NHS trust spending with Interserve from 2011 to June 2017 reveals how the company’s problems occured.

  1. Total spend is down

Total spend with Interserve was £461.7m in 2013, but was down to £427.7m in 2016. It’s a big drop, but on its only the s...

Procurement jargon explained

Procurement jargon explained

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Do you need a quick way to explain procurement terms? Here’s a run down of some common terms used in procurement, including acronyms to watch out for:

  • Alcatel period

    • A ten calendar day standstill period between the announcement of a contract award on OJEU and the signing of a contract, designed so unsuccessful bidders have time to challenge the decision. It is named after two linked cases that came to the European Court of Justice in 1998.

  • Competitive Dialogue Proce...

Upcoming Supplier Events -March Update

Upcoming Supplier Events -March Update

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Here’s our rundown of events across regions and industries where you can learn more about how to sell to government.

Govtech 2018


19th April

Government Computing will return to London on the 19th April 2018 to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in public sector technology. We’ll be bringing together IT leaders from across central and local government to examine how the sector can meet the twin challenges of ever present budget cuts and greater demands on ...

G-Cloud 10 is coming! Here’s How to Get it Right

G-Cloud 10 is coming! Here’s How to Get it Right

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith advises companies on how to make the most of G-Cloud. We asked him for insights as the government announces G-Cloud 10 will open in April.

Can you tell me a bit about your experience and how you got involved with public procurement?

I've been knocking around in the technology sector for quite some time. Most recently I ran a trade association called Euro Cloud in the UK for about four years, starting at the same time that G-Cloud in 2012. It was most interesting, because we ...

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