TV Media Buying Services for Early Years - the organisation for young children

Buyer: Early Years – the organisation for young children

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Early Years is seeking to appoint a suitable company/organisation/individual to provide television media buying services to plan and place the cartoon media messages relating to the Media Initiative for Children Respecting Difference Programme, as part of the Respecting Difference in the Education Sector Project.

The airing of the media messages should ideally correspond with mid term holidays in the school year. Therefore the proposed schedule for this project is as follows:

• 15 October 2012 – 4 November 2012
• 4 February 2013 – 24 February 2013
• 10 February 2014 – 2 March 2014

Each cartoon media message is one minute in duration.

Placement in schedules should be within family viewing pre-watershed programming over a full seven day week period among the following television stations:

• C4
• TG4

Approximately 75% of the campaign should be placed with UTV or UTV/C4.

Each campaign should deliver as many opportunities to see as possible for the target audience with an average 130-140 TVRs for each campaign.

Tenders must include an outline of how you will advise Early Years to effectively spend its media budget and interpret and communicate its messages.

The successful tender must also show the ability to provide:

• Effective negotiation with media to achieve best value-for-money
• Qualitative and quantitative information including target audience and media circulation statistics
• A fast and accurate service capable of meeting tight media deadlines
• An efficient service working to a mutually agreed system of budget monitoring and invoicing

United Kingdom

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Aug 31 2012

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