The Future of Sheltered Housing in Northern Ireland

Buyer: Northern Ireland Housing Executive

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The Northern Ireland Housing Executive invites tenders to appoint a researcher to examine current sheltered housing developments in Northern Ireland with a view to making recommendations on obtaining the optimum use of such accommodation in the future by remodelling sheltered housing and ‘rebranding’ its image with a view to making it a more popular form of housing for older people and for those with a mental or physical disability.

The Key Objective of the research are as follows:

• To provide a comprehensive picture of the physical design and support services available in sheltered housing across Northern Ireland. This will include information on physical features and design such as size, lifts and electronic technology provision.

• To provide a profile of existing residents living in sheltered housing schemes across Northern Ireland.

• To gather information on care needs, waiting lists and voids.

• To explore reasons for refusal of sheltered housing.

• To gather information on tenants current and future needs and expectations and how these are being met.

• To gauge residents views on scheme managers/co-ordinators.

• To assess the provision of communal facilities within schemes and usage of such facilities.

• To research the support mechanisms available for older people in the wider community within the vicinity of sheltered schemes.

• To examine options for change.

Full details of the required services are available in the Statement of Requirement and Pricing Documentation available on the e-sourcingni Site

Tenderers will be required to meet the minimum Selection Criteria as detailed in the tender documents

Only those tenders which demonstrate they meet the selection criteria shall be assessed against the following evaluation criteria (Further details available in the Tender documents):

• Service Delivery 80%

• Cost 20%

United Kingdom

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Oct 22 2010

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