Tender for the upgrading of Block 7 Domestic Hot Water System

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Upgrading of Block 7 Domestic Hot Water System.


The Royal United Hospital, Bath is a 650 bed district general hospital serving a population of 500,000. It is based on a 53 acre site in the Combe Park area of Bath. The Estate is made up of 64 separate blocks that range in age from the 1700?s up to the present date.


The Trust requires that the domestic hot water system serving Block 7 is upgraded. Block 7 is an accommodation and office block.


? We require a new DHW system to serve the needs of Block 7. This is to be piped in as per the requirements of HTM 04-01.
? There will be a requirement to replace the DHW heat source in Block 7 and to upgrade the DHW distribution system with appropriately sized pipe work.
? The Trust requires that the works are priced in two elements.
a. Replacement of DHW source.
b. Replacement of pipe work.

Full details and requirements to be provided within the tender specification

Scope of Work

Proposed Tender Issue date
25th June 2010

Proposed Tender Duration
2 weeks

Proposed Contract Start Date
To be confirmed on award of the contract

United Kingdom

Published date:
Aug 09 2016

Jul 30 2010

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