Tender for Infrastructure Review & Upgrade Project at the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Foundation Trust

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Tender for Infrastructure Review & Upgrade Project at the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust is looking to replace its current PAS application with an EPR in the near future. As an enabler for the replacement of ISDX telephony infrastructure and upgrade of the current LAN infrastructure, a review is required to ensure that they can be implemented and supported on a resilient and reliable network.

The appointment is to undertake the redesign and then upgrade of the network to ensure high level of resilience and reliability to support a new telephony and EPR.

The current LAN (switches, cabling and fibre) has grown organically over a number of years and is supported by a small network team on site at the hospital. The LAN is predominantly a flat layer 2 single network across the whole site. The cabling infrastructure is based around CAT 5e / CAT6 / CAT 7 however the system is unwarranted as a whole and has limited test results.

There is limited WAN as the Trust has historically been a single campus Trust however there is now a requirement to provide services to remote sites with network connectivity (5 sites).

The network hubs (cabinets and patching areas) vary greatly in terms of environment from the purpose built rooms to cabinets in cupboard with little to no UPS within some of the areas.

The tender is divided into a number of LOTS between active and passive elements of the infrastructure; bidders may bid for all lots or any combination of them.
The information pack contains the schematics of the current design of the network

There are currently around 4000 PC’s and 200 tablets connected to the network, 250 servers (60 of which are virtualised), 250 Wireless Access Points and about 50 wiring closets. There are other projects currently underway including the rollout of Wi-fi utilising Aerohive technology.

Most of the network is built around HP switches with Extreme networks equipment in the new core. The Trust requires the following:
•1 gigabit to be provided to the desktop.
•PoE plus (802.3at)
•location dependant application printing
•server should not be more than 2 layer3 hops from the desktop
•Physical capacity and expansion particularly around the development of flood wiring and the impending VoIP project
•Resilient topology at the core and distribution layer

Statement of Requirement


The tender will be split into separate LOTS bidders can bid for any combination of LOTS, the LOTS will cover:
•LOT 1 LAN design and upgrade including management tools.
•LOT 2 Horizontal cabling analysis, design and upgrade.
•LOT 3 Fibre analysis design and upgrade
•LOT 4 Wireless Provision

Full details will be provided within the tender documents issued at the bid stage.

Milestones Dates
Issue PQQ - 23rd Dec 2014
PQQ to Return - 12th Jan 2015
Evaluate PQQ by the Trust - 14th Jan 2015
Issue Tender for the shortlisted candidates - 15th Jan 2015
Open Day (each supplier will be given a shared slot for questions on the specification followed by a site tour) - 22nd & 23rd Jan 2015
Tenders Returned - 5th Feb 2015

Shortlisted Bidders invited to present to RUH staff, giving details on how they intend to proceed in achieving the specification. Bidders will provide three relevant follow-up references - 19-02-2015
Reference visit - TBC
Contract Award Decision - TBC

United Kingdom

Published date:
Aug 09 2016


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