T1252 - Provision of an Energy Efficiency Advice Service

Buyer: Northern Ireland Housing Executive

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The Northern Ireland Housing Executive has become aware that some of its tenants are struggling to pay the running costs of their home, thus it has decided to improve the energy advice provided to its tenants. The required service from the provider includes, but is not limited to advising tenants regarding energy conservation measures either through group presentations or one on one scenario’s. This is to include providing hard copy information such as leaflets, advice & education and promotion to improve the energy costs to the tenant

This independent energy efficiency advice service will be required to give all tenants independent advice on:

• Renewable energy technology system controls
• Heating systems
• How to use, operate and maintain their current heating system
• Paying for fuel
• Help with fuel debt
• Measures to cut fuel bills
• Available grants to save energy
• Use of appliances and any fuel related issue
• Low energy lighting i.e. payback periods
• Carrying out energy audits within properties and providing reports on findings to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive
• Dealing with tenant abuse and/or misuse and reporting this back to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive
• Investigating condensation and providing the Northern Ireland Housing Executive with a report on how to mitigate the problem
• Advising tenants on how to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions

Please note that this requirement has been divided into three Lots:

Lot One – Belfast Region

Lot Two – North Region

Lot Three – South Region

Tenderers may bid for one, some or all Lots.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jan 01 1900

Jan 05 2015

James McErlean


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