Sexual Health Provision of Clinical Information System

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The Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust has been tasked to manage the procurement and implementation of a sexual health IT system on behalf of the local health community, for the local GUM and CaSH services.

A specialist IT system is expected to have wide ranging benefits for our local sexual health services including:

?The ability to share patient records across services
?Support implementation and reporting on the Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity Dataset (SRHAD) and GUMCAD
?Replacing paper based systems and the introduction of electronic patient records
?The development of a central booking number for an integrated sexual health service
?Reduction in administrative resource.

The system must be able to network across multiple providers in hospital and community settings from a single secure server. The system must be able to support both contraceptive and GUM service requirements. Initially the providers will be B&NES Community Health and Social Care Services and the RUH with services being delivered in B&NES and Wiltshire.

The system needs to be accessible country wide and provide secure access to the client records. Further requirements include shared electronic client records, ability to collect sexual health datasets, data collection to support local commissioning, activity & BPR data, ability to support central appointment & booking system and automated results system (including SMS). The system must also be able to support a laboratory link interface. The system must be ?future proof? with the ability to add onadditional modules i.e. Chlamydia screening.

Full details and requirements to be provided within the tender specification

Proposed Tender Issue Date: 20th June 2011

Proposed Tender Return Date: 31st July July 2011

Proposed Implementation: 1st September 2011

United Kingdom

Published date:
Aug 09 2016

Jul 31 2011

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