Renewal of the Water Main

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Specification for the renewal of the water main

The Royal United Hospital, Bath is a 650 bed district general hospital serving a population of 500,000. It is based on a 53 acre site in the Combe Park area of Bath. The Estate is made up of 64 separate blocks that range in age from the 1700's up to the present date.

Project Brief

Due to water loss the Trust requires that the existing 6'' water main is sleeved with an appropriate sized replacement pipe at two locations on the RUH site.

1. Section A-B is approximately 350m length.
2. Section C-D is approximately 360m length

The Trust requires the re-routing of a section of the existing water main. This is to be trenched and fully comply with The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

1. Section D-E is to be approximately 75m length

The Trust requires that 19 stop valves are to be fitted as part of the works. The Trust also requires that an additional 3 stop valves are repaired or replaced.

Full details of the requirement will be provided within the tender specification on issue of the on-line tender

Proposed Tender Issue date

26th March 2010

Proposed Tender Duration

3 weeks

Proposed Contract Start Date

The Trust requires that the works are completed as soon as possible

United Kingdom

Published date:
Aug 09 2016

Apr 16 2010

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