Refurbishment works to community centre

Buyer: St. Michael's Regional Community Development Ltd

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Removal of existing floor to main hall
install new grade A Sprung flooring
Extend and renew footpath to perimeter of building
Refurbishment of windows
Sound proofing to high level windows at first floor
Provide new radiators complete with safety covers
Upgrade to heating system
Upgrade to electrical system
Installation of Security and Alarm system
Upgrade to first floor fire doors
Painting internally/externally
New fold-able table and chairs for main hall
Treatment of wood worm in roof structure

***Important Notice***
Tenderers are required to read the LEADER Works Declaration for Small Works carefully and to make sure that they meet the minimum standards stated therein. Tenderers who do not meet those requirements should not submit a tender as they will be excluded at award stage. All Tenderers are liable for their own costs of tendering.


Published date:
Aug 15 2017

Sep 06 2017

45000000 - Construction work
39112000 - Chairs
39121200 - Tables
45100000 - Site preparation work
45110000 - Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work
45300000 - Building installation work
45310000 - Electrical installation work
45311000 - Electrical wiring and fitting work
45312000 - Alarm system and antenna installation work
45312200 - Burglar-alarm system installation work
45410000 - Plastering work
45420000 - Joinery and carpentry installation work
45421000 - Joinery work
45430000 - Floor and wall covering work
45440000 - Painting and glazing work
45453000 - Overhaul and refurbishment work

Kieran O'Reilly

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