PSNI - Water Legionella Control Treatment Planned & Reactive Maintenance Service

Buyer: Department of Finance and Personnel Northern Ireland

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The Contracting Authority is looking to appoint a single Economic Operator (Contractor) for the provision of Water Treatment (Legionella Control) Planned Preventive Maintenance & Reactive Maintenance across the PSNI Estate utilising an NEC3 Term Service Contract.

The Economic Operator will be responsible for the provision of the following:


o Risk Assessments, including the preparation of schematic drawings and provision of a management plan.

o To provide all aspects of water treatment to the PSNI Estate.

o To ensure that all requirements of BS6700 standards and L8 regulations are achieved.

o To carry out cleaning of service tanks and shower heads

o To maintain existing chlorine dioxide dosing plant to the Seapark site. (Envirox unit currently in use)

o To carry out all testing of service tanks and hot and cold water outlets in line with the L8 Regulations Accepted Code of Practice.

o To provide a fully auditable electronic log book recording system for monitoring arrangements and results. to include the following:-
o Web Based.
o Secure (The Client will have final say on security arrangements)
o Full remote access available.
o Real time data input and collection.
o Full alert system in place determined by risk level. ( This includes e-mail alert )
o Audit trail for results.
o Full schedule of tests both completed and impending.
o Secure Document storage. (For risk assessments and disinfection certificates.)
o Results can be output in Excel, PDF and Word doc format.
o A full access licence to cover the entirety of the contract.

The service shall be made available 24 hours per day and 365 days per year (including all weekends and holiday periods).

See MOI Part B for further information.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jan 01 1900

Dec 22 2014

Contracts & Standards Branch


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