Provision of Wayfinding and Access Consultancy Services

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Provision of Wayfinding and Access Consultancy Services for the Royal United Hospital, Bath.

The Estates & Facilities Directorate will appoint a specialist wayfinding consultant to prepare a site wide wayfinding strategy following a consultation process with user groups. Based on the strategy the consultancy will then prepare detailed documentation to enable a competitive tender for the production and installation of new signage.

The user groups are wide ranging including: staff (nursing/estates/medical); students (medical/physio/nursing/etc); commercial users; visitors; volunteers; in-patients/out-patients. The key objective will be to ensure that wayfinding across the site becomes understandable, reassuring and legible for the majority of visitors and staff.

Fee Proposal

As part of the submission the consultant will be required to prepare a fee breakdown for the preparation of the following documents:

1. Site audit of existing wayfinding which should identify the full range of issues currently creating confusion and hindering wayfinding on the site.

Prepare an overall strategy for the site setting out a fresh and clear approach to wayfinding. it.

2. Comprehensive documentation for a competitive tender for the production and installation of signage, which is issued by the Trust procurement team.

3. Prepare a site specific signage guidance document.

4. Recommendations required that will support the wayfinding strategy on the lighting, landscaping, parking / drop off, environment and land marking.

Full details of the requirement will be provided within the tender specification on issue of the on-line tender

Proposed Tender Issue date

24th June 2010

Proposed Tender Duration

1 week


The outline programme is as follows:

- Appointment of wayfinding consultant? June / July 2010

- Site Audit/Consultation - July/August/September 2010,

- Wayfinding Strategy ? October 2010,

- Tender Information (Specification/Drawings/Schedules) ? October/November 2010,

- Tender ? December 2010,

- Production ? January 2011,

- Initial Installation ? February / March 2011

United Kingdom

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Aug 09 2016

Jul 01 2010

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