Provision of milk and dairy products

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KF 198 - Provision of Dairy Produce

The Trust is based on the Royal United Hospital (RUH) which occupies one site on the north-western edge of the city of Bath. It provides general acute hospital services for a population of 450,000?500,000.

Bidders are invited to tender for the provision of dairy products as detailed below.

Proposed Products are: -

Semi skimmed milk
Full fat milk
Skimmed milk
Fresh milk jiggers
Low fat fruit yoghurts
Thick and creamy yoghurts
Natural yoghurts

Proposed Tender Issue date
July 2009

Proposed Tender Duration
1 week

Proposed Contract Duration
The contract will be put in place for a 6 month period

United Kingdom

Published date:
Aug 09 2016

Aug 12 2009

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