Provision of Copper Silver Water Ionisation Plant

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Provision of Copper Silver Water Ionisation Plant


The Royal United Hospital, Bath is a 650 bed district general hospital serving a population of 500,000. It is based on a 53 acre site in the Combe Park area of Bath. The Estate is made up of 64 separate blocks that range in age from the 1700?s up to the present date.


Provision of a copper silver water ionisation plants for RUH. It is a requirement that a site survey is done prior to the tender submission to verify the technical requirements of the client are achievable.

Technical requirements

The equipment will be required to treat:

a. main incoming raw water supply at a peak flow rate of 10litres/sec
b. the outputs from two discrete softeners with individual peak flow rates of 2litres/second

Water testing is required to identify

? temperature at time of sampling
? Legionella serogrouping
? Copper and silver ion concentrations

The equipment should be capable of displaying locally relevant parameters and providing a Modbus RTU, RJ45 communications output for integration onto the existing BMS system. All BMS equipment after the RJ45 outlet will be free issued.

Performance criteria

The equipment will be capable of delivering and maintaining ion concentrations of 400µg Cu /litre and 80µg Ag /litre at these peak flow rates.

Full details and requirements to be provided within the tender specification

Scope of Work

Proposed Tender Issue date
1st July 2010

Proposed Tender Duration
4 weeks

Proposed Contract Start Date
The contractor must deliver and commission the plant prior to 31/03/11.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Aug 09 2016


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