Provision of Contract Hire Vehicles

Buyer: Translink

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Requirement title: Provision of Contract Hire Vehicles

This is a requirement for Translink and returns for this section are due by:

15:00 UK Local Time 04/05/2010

Outline specification:

Translink wish to appoint a select list of suppliers to provide vehicles on a contract hire basis.

- Vehicles are to be provided on a fully maintained contract hire basis, for a period of time to be decided by Translink (currently 4 years)
- Successful suppliers will be required to assist Translink personnel to choose vehicles within Group policy.
- The vehicles are to be fully maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations

Temporary vehicles
- If a temporary / courtesy vehicle is required, the vehicle should be of a similar value and model to the existing vehicle

Return of vehicle
- When the vehicle is returned. The contract hire company is to inspect the vehicle and bring to the Driver’s attention any damage to the vehicle. If such damage is present, the cost to rectify the damage is to be provided to Translink within 2 weeks of returning the vehicle. If this is agreed with Translink, proof that the rectification work has been carried out will be required.
- The BVRLA fair wear and tear guide should be applied as a minimum standard when returning vehicles.

Contract management
- The successful suppliers will be required to provide:
- Annual benchmarking to review inflation within the vehicle industry.
- Information regarding legislation for drivers and vehicle use
- Management information at regular contract review meetings
- Any other reports as may be required

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jan 01 1900

May 04 2010

Mohammed Shehzaad


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