Provision of a Diabetes Information Database System

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IT 220 - Provision of Replacement Diabetes Information Database System

The Trust is based on the Royal United Hospital (RUH) which occupies one site on the north-western edge of the city of Bath. It provides general acute hospital services for a population of 450,000-500,000.

Bidders are invited to tender for the provision of a replacement to the Diabetes Department?s existing Diamond Diabetes system which will not be supported by the supplier beyond December 2010.

Proposed details are: -

The present Diabetes database has been developed since 1992 in an individualized way using the Diamond (Hicom) system. It is a stand alone system, although intermittent interaction with the retinal screening database (Orion) had been possible. It contains approximately 22000 entries of patients with diabetes in the Royal United Hospital catchment area. It is used by the multi-disciplinary team as the main communication channel, across the RUH site and (at present) 7 community hospitals and one family health centre. It is the audit tool for diabetes care, and has standardised audit reports as well as the ability to perform individualised audit. It is used by the research team to identify potential research patients.

The Diamond system is based on a Microsoft database system which will no longer be supported from December 2010. The system therefore needs to be replaced /upgraded to maintain the integrity of the diabetes service

Failure to replace the system will lead to a loss of the diabetes database which is the communication tool of the multi-disciplinary diabetes team across the district.

A new system will be web based and will allow interaction between the retinal screening database, the new PAS system and Sunquest ICE/ Ultra results system. Ultimately as is available in Northern England, a GP interaction capability is sought that will lead to true multi-disciplinary working, with a patient centred approach. (The patient will also have access to their diabetes record)

The project is driven by the need to replace the present system which is about to become unsupported. This leads to an opportunity to enhance patient care through the employment of a modern information system. The linkage with other hospital and community systems will lead to improved communication, more efficient working and therefore better patient care.

Full details to be provided within the invitation to tender document specification.

Proposed Tender Issue date
14th October 2009

Proposed Tender Duration
4 weeks

United Kingdom

Published date:
Aug 09 2016

Nov 11 2009

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