OPS9405 Cleaning and Waste Management

Buyer: The British Library

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The British Library is seeking a reputable company, with a proven track record in delivering Cleaning & Waste Management Services to a similar organisation with a complex infrastructure and a prestigious public building.

It is anticipated that all services will be underpinned by robust policies and procedures which will at all times reflect industry best practice within an environment of continuous improvement. The selected contractor’s innovative approach will ensure good quality services delivered to the Library’s customers and drive efficiencies resulting in improved value for money to the Library. The selected contractor’s partnership approach and effective communications will also ensure that there are good relations with all parties and that synergies are maximised with other Service Providers.

The British Library’s key operational objectives of this tender are to: -

• Appoint a single National Cleaning & Waste Management Service provider for all premises.

• Provide a professional service, which supports The Library in the delivery of its core operational and customer facing activities.

•Achieve an improved and innovative Cleaning & Waste Management service for The Library, through performance monitoring and an incentivised contractual arrangement.

•Development of an in-house ‘Intelligent Customer Function’ to maintain the new arrangement, review and utilise Management Information and act as the main interface with the provider.

Services to be provided, either directly or via sub-contractor, in the Cleaning & Waste Management Contract are:

• General Management
• Cleaning & Housekeeping
• Washroom & Hygiene services
• Window Cleaning
• External Cleaning
• Specialist Cleaning
• Pest Control
• Waste Management & Recycling
• Porterage (Boston Spa Only)
• Electronic Monitoring System

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jan 01 1900

Aug 21 2015

Andy Kemp


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