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Buyer: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is seeking a supplier to provide an online news
information service. We are looking for a single supplier that can offer an existing webbased
application with access to current content and an extensive archive. The service
must include access to a wide range of searchable full text content including major United
Kingdom national and regional newspapers, international newspapers, magazines,
specialist titles and other sources.
The service will form part of an essential research resource available to staff across the
BBC both within and outside the United Kingdom, and possibly to BBC affiliates, and will be
delivered through the BBC’s intranet portal. The content must be rights cleared for copying
for the purposes of research. Other uses of the content must be rights clearable. The
service must also be available via the internet and accessible on mobile devices (such as
phones, tablets etc.). The BBC is also interested in associated services such as, but not
limited to, push notifications (e.g. user customised email alerts). The service will replace the
current service which has approximately 1,300 active users and up to 10,000 registered
users from all areas of the BBC including News, Television and Radio production
The service should include helpdesk support and training for users.
The service must meet compatibility standards for the BBC Desktop, be capable of
interfacing with internal systems and comply with BBC policies and guidelines on
information security and accessibility.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jan 01 1900

Apr 19 2013

Paul Hurley


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