NHSCT Automatic Metering Installation to Causeway Area sites.

Buyer: NHSCT

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The project is for:

The supply, installation and commissioning of an automatic utility meter reading system covering the following buildings with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust.

Causeway Area Hospital and Site Buildings
Dalriada Hospital and Site Buildings
Rathmoyle OPH
Dhu Varren Childrens Home
Coleraine HC
Mountfern Complex
Mill Brook Resource Centre
Robinson Memorial and Site Buildings
The Roddens Complex
The Route Complex
The Acorn Centre
Rosebrook House

The automatic meter reading system shall consist of central data loggers within certain areas which shall receive radio transmitted data from remote transmission units connected to the Fiscal Electric ,Gas and Water meters associated with the above buildings. The Economic operator shall also supply and install additional electrical sub metering within the sites as required .

The central data loggers shall transmit this data to a web based hosting service for analysis by monitoring and targeting software.

The Contract period for this scheme will be 10 weeks.

United Kingdom

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Jan 01 1900

Oct 06 2011

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