NHS England - Provision of Cervical Cytology Laboratory Service (including HPV)

Buyer: Arden & GEM CSU

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NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands CSU (NHS Arden &
GEMCSU) on behalf of NHS England Midlands & East
(Central Midlands) (referred to as the Commissioners) is
inviting suitably qualified and experienced providers to
deliver a Cervical Cytology Laboratory Service (including
HPV) within Lincolnshire.

The Commissioners wish to receive responses to the ITT
from suitably qualified and experienced Providers with the
necessary capacity and capability to provide the range of
Services as set out elsewhere in the ITT, in a safe and
effective manner. Subject to any conditions specified in the
Contract or any tender documents issued in connection with
the Procurement, Potential Bidders may bid in partnership
with other organisations.

It is expected that interested laboratory providers will ensure
that samples from eligible women taken by GPs and
Community based clinics are received, tested and reported
upon in a timely manner (including HPV test of cure) with
secure onwards communication to the next appropriate
stage of the pathway, including direct referrals.

The service specification includes the service and quality
indicators expected by NHS England to ensure that a high
standard of service is provided to NHS England’s
responsible population and sets out the specific policies,
recommendations, and standards that NHS England
expects services to meet.

The service covers all eligible women between the ages of
25 - 64 who should be enrolled in the programme and
invited for screening.

The Laboratory service (including HPV testing) covering the
Lincolnshire Cervical Cytology programme for 2014-15
approx. 36,500 samples per annum.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jan 01 1900

Aug 21 2015

Raj Dosanjh


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