Medical Physics - Replacement Heating System

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Medical Physics ? Replacement Heating System

The Trust is based on the Royal United Hospital (RUH) which occupies one site on the north-western edge of the city of Bath. It provides general acute hospital services for a population of 450,000-500,000.

Brief Outline of Proposed Project:

Project Summary

? Removal of Existing Steam & Condensate Pipework
? Cleaning & decoration of Existing Ventilation Systems
? Plant modifications & Re-Balancing of Existing Ventilation
? Installation of New Heating System Complete
? Balancing of New Heating system
? Insulation of Pipework
? Associated Builders Works
? Associated Electrical Earth Bonding
? Operating & Maintenance Manuals and Record Drawings

Proposed Tender Issue date
27th January 2010

Proposed Tender Duration
2 weeks

Proposed Tender Return Date
10th February 2010

Proposed Contract Start Date
To commence a.s.a.p. after award, with a view to completion by 31/03/2010

United Kingdom

Published date:
Aug 09 2016

Feb 12 2010

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