M6 Harrowstead and Thrimby

Buyer: Highways Agency

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The scheme is located on the M6 at Harrowstead and Thrimby Bridges (MP 447.80 and 448.20 respectively), which are approximately 7km north of Junction 39. The carriageway is dual three-lane motorway with hard shoulders. The works are to both carriageways.

Details of Work

The works include the following:
Carriageway works:
Upgrading of approximately 3.4 km of northbound and southbound hard shoulders.
Works to close off existing central reserve crossover at 449/9 with a removable barrier.

Thrimby Bridge:
Concrete repairs to abutment faces,
Removal of the south transition slabs,
Remodelling of the south end of the reinforced concrete deck to eliminate the transverse deck joints,
Replacement of the north transverse deck joint.

Harrowstead Railway Bridge:
Re-waterproofing of the deck,
Replacement of the north and south transverse deck joints,
Installation of a reinforced concrete plinth in the central reserve to support surface-mounted safety barrier posts,
Upgrading of safety barriers in northbound and southbound verges.

The works are programmed to commence on the 17th August 2009 and be completed by 26th March 2010, a period of 32 weeks (including a 2 weeks ‘shut down’ over the Christmas/New Year period).

Traffic Management

It is envisaged that the majority of the works will be undertaken under lane closures and contraflow.
There will be a mandatory 50mph speed restriction over the full length of the works.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jun 04 2016

Sep 01 2009

Baker Charlotte


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