Libraries NI - Provision of a Library Management System and ICT support Services

Buyer: Department of Finance and Personnel Northern Ireland

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Provision of ICT Support Services to Libraries NI including provision of the following:-
Computer Network providing public access and secure corporate (cabled and Wi-Fi) at currently around 108 fixed locations (some of which currently are The Department of Education and The Department for Employment and Learning offices) and 28 mobile libraries.
The service should support -:
• Web site content management software;
• Internet/Intranet/Extranet access;
• Computer hardware;
• Printers/Scanners/Photocopiers,MFD's;
• Public and staff desk tops;
• Office automation software;
• Help desk function;
• Library Management System,which is RFID enabled (inc all equipment);
• Cash management;
• Business Intelligence system (including Customer Relationship Management);
• GPS tracking;
• Telephony services (including VOIP);
• Library software to support the delivery of online services;
• Handheld devices (e.g. tablets or iPads);
• Audio visual equipment to support creative labs in libraries;
• Home working and VPN access;
• Virtual Learning environment
Finance System
• Accounts Payable (incl. Staff travel and subsistence expenses);
• General Ledger;
• Accounts Receivable;
• Cash Management;
• Fixed Assets;
• Management and Stakeholder Reporting;
• Budgeting and Forecasting;
• Procurement (incl. Supplier Self Service);
• Asset maintenance support system;
HR/Payroll System
• Recruitment and Selection, including an on-line option
• Time Recording and Attendance Management;
• Training and Development;
• Staff Appraisal including PRP;
• Employee Relations;
• Employee Self Service;
• Payroll Processing;
• Equality monitoring and reviews
The above list is not exhaustive but indicative of the main elements.
Libraries NI has the option to access existing arrangements for the provision of Network Services and will discuss potential service delivery options with suppliers as part of the dialogue process.

United Kingdom

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Jan 01 1900

Nov 21 2011

McCracken Morris


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