LBH-0617 Design and Build of Supported Living Accommodation Park View

Buyer: London Borough of Hillingdon

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The Council are looking for experienced and qualified design and build contractors to
bid for the below project.
This involves the design and development for a 57+3 unit Extra-Care development at
the above site.
The Contractor is to be responsible for the selection and appointment of all
consultants needed to complete the design and construction of the Works. These may
include, but not limited to Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical
Consultants and Environmental Consultants, etc. It is intended that the Client's
Architects will be engaged by the Constructor under a separate Novation Agreement and
utilising the terms set out elsewhere within the ITT documentation.
The Project comprises:-
a) Demolition of the disused existing Day Centre.
b) Erection of a single 3 storey building (including a lower ground level)
Comprising of:-
57 No. 1 Bed Extra Care units @ 53M2
3 No. 2 Bed Extra Care units @ 66M2
Reception/Office/Staff Areas/Communal Areas
24 No. Parking spaces (including 3 No. disabled spaces)
12 No. Cycle Spaces
c) Associated access roads, footpaths, parking bays as detailed on the drawings,
drainage, external lighting, general external works and landscaping
d) Single storey communal bin store to incorporate 5 No. 1100 Litre Eurobins for
general waste and 5 No. 1100 Litre Eurobins for dry recycling
e) Off-site works associated with the above, including but not limited to adoptable
roadways, drainage and main services, connections, adaptations and diversions,
traffic calming measures and landscaping
Hillingdon are progressing the Planning Application.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jan 01 1900

Dec 07 2015

Mark Holmes


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