Integrated Diabetes Service for Castle Point and Rochford & Southend CCG

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NHS Castle Point and Rochford CCG & NHS Southend CCG are tendering for an Integrated
Diabetes Service (Adult). The Service will provide clinical management of diabetes in
adults across south east Essex in line with an agreed model of delivery.
The service will be provided to patients with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
mellitus. The service will be available to adults, aged 19 years and over, and
children diagnosed with Diabetes between the ages of 16-18 years as part of the
agreed pathway. The service will also provide planning for the transfer to adult
services from 14 years of age in accordance with the agreed Essex Transition
The Integrated Diabetes Service (Adult) will be provided by a comprehensive diabetes
skilled multidisciplinary team. The consultant-led service will include diabetes
specialist nurses, dietitians, and podiatrists who will provide individualised care
plans to meet the needs of the local diabetic population. This should include diet
and lifestyle reviews & advice, podiatric review, blood test results and advice
accordingly (HbA1C, Kidney functions, Cholesterol), BP check/advice and medication
review and change where appropriate including insulin initiation and follow ups
(pumps where appropriate). GPs may refer their diabetic patients for any (or all) of
the above elements. Integrated care by its definition requires all professionals involved in a person’s
care to work in partnership, including generalists, specialists, other health
professionals, social care and support staff, with the person living with diabetes
and his/her family at the centre of their care. The provider shall deliver services
in accordance with the agreed service model as included in the specifications and
will work particularly closely with Primary Care clinicians.The contract term is for 5 years, with yearly KPI reviews for continuation of the contract to the next year up to 5 years.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jun 04 2016

Jul 17 2015

Mahesh Parmar


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