Installation of a new fire alarm system in Theatre Block 35

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Installation of New Fire Alarm System in Theatre Block 35


The Royal United Hospital, Bath is a 650 bed district general hospital serving a population of 500,000. It is based on a 53 acre site in the Combe Park area of Bath. The Estate is made up of 64 separate blocks that range in age from the 1700?s up to the present date.


The Theatre Block (block 35) was opened in 1984, and a Gent installed a Gent 3400 system within this building. The main panel is sited within the High Dependency Unit, this being a 24 zone panel with a separate fire control panel for mechanical plant control. There are four Repeater panel, these are situated in the entrance to the autoclave area of SDU with a fire control panel to control mechanical plant and three on each floor of the stairway adjacent to the lifts. The main fire panel is linked to the telephone switchboard main panel and indicates a fire within Block 35 when activated.


To install a partially new addressable system:-
To replace the main panel in the High Dependency unit with a 14 Zone interface unit installed within a GRP enclosure. Install 3 new Vigilon panels to replace the existing repeater panels on the stairways; configured so that each old sub zone will indicate at the telephone switchboard its location.
The old repeater with the mechanical plant control panel will be replaced with a new Vigilon repeater panel and control interface for plant shutdowns, in the entrance to Block 35 (entrance under bridge) In the Theatre reception area install a interface for plant shutdown. The Vigilon fire panels will be networked to the main system and communicate to the telephone switchboard. All cabling will be installed using a cable management system (tray or trunking) and cables comply with LSF standard.
As and when a sub zone area is upgraded it is the intention to then make the system a fully addressable fire alarm.

Full details and requirements to be provided within the tender specification

Scope of Work

Proposed Tender Issue date
23rd July 2010

Proposed Tender Duration
1 week

Proposed Contract Start Date
To be confirmed on award of the contract

United Kingdom

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Aug 09 2016

Aug 02 2010

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