INI - Framework Agreement for the Provision of Design Consultants

Buyer: Department of Finance and Personnel

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The Central Procurement Directorate on behalf of its client Invest NI invites tenders from design consultants to undertake individual contracts/assignments associated with Invest NI’s Design Capability Programme.

As part of the Design Capability Programme framework, the Invest NI Design Service Team requires a number of Design Consultants to work with Invest NI client companies (current demand levels have grown recently from 30 per annum to approximately 120 commissions per annum) participating on a range of Design Development Programmes. Each commission will involve working with an individual company over a period of weeks or months and providing a number of consultancy days (usually 3-7 days) which is set by invest NI. The number of consultancy days required will be decided and specified by Invest NI. It is possible that a Design Consultant may work with more than one company in a given year.

Invest NI require a maximum of 12 Design Consultants in each of the following design categories to provide design advice to Invest Northern Ireland Client Companies participating on Invest NI’s Design Programmes:

1. Industrial and Product Design
2. Packaging
3. Furniture and Outdoor Design
4. Engineering Design
5. Strategic Design Management
6. Material Selection and Testing
7. Textile, Garment and Fashion Design
8. Interior, Architecture, Building and Workspace design
9. Process Design
10. Electronic and Software Design
11. Environmental\ Eco\ Green Design
12. Intellectual Property
13. Trends and Forecasting
14. Branding and Communications
15. Wayfinding and Information Design
16. Temporary Exhibition\ Experiential\ Events design
17. Service Design
18. Digital, New media, Animation, Web services, GUI
19. Ergonomics and Human Factor Specialists

United Kingdom

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Jan 01 1900

Nov 25 2009

Ward Gerry


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