General Building Contractors Framework

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General Building Contractors Framework

The Project is for the provision of Framework suppliers to provide Building and Civil Engineering works to support the Translink Infrastructure

The nature of the works is varied however the typical type of projects are:
— New Build / Refurbished;
— Railway Stations;
— Bus Stations;
— Offices;
— Infrastructure Storage Facilities;
— Bus Yards;
— Bus Engineering Workshops and Garages;
— Workshops;
— Integrated Facilities;
— Park & Ride Facilities;
— Hire rise parking lots;
— Pedestrian bridges (within stations);
— Associated infrastructure and services such as roads, water and sewerage;
— Railway station platforms, pedestrian;
— Station Signage;
— Building services;
— Design and Build.

Larger scale specialist Civil Engineering projects and Permanent Way works and smaller scale works of under 150 000 GBP would typically not be undertaken using this Framework.

The Framework is not a guarantee of work nor the type of work to be undertaken.
The Employer will decide on whether the Framework will be used to procure works or if a different Framework is more relevant.

The selection of the framework / procurement route will be undertaken by assessing the risk and complexity of the project and the associated level of management required.

Estimated value:
The estimated value, excluding VAT, of the Framework is a maximum of 16 000 000 GBP over the next 4 years.

Form of contract:
Full details of the contract will be set out in the Invitation to Tender Documents.

United Kingdom

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Jan 01 1900

Oct 27 2014

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