Framework for Construction Works for Community Healthcare Projects for BHSCT

Buyer: Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

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This is a Framework Agreement with the initial project for the provision of a
Community Mental Health Facility, at No 603 Antrim Rd, Belfast. This facility will
accommodate a short stay eight bed residential unit, a Day Patient center, an
Outpatient Consultation Center and shared offices for Crisis / Mental Health teams.
The project will also include roads, car parking, and landscaped outdoor areas.
The building will have a floor area of approximately 2400m².
It is anticipated that construction will commence in the Spring of 2012 and finish in
Winter 2013.
The length of the Framework Contract shall be 4 years. Subject to satisfactory
performance the successful contractor will be afforded the opportunity to carry out
the construction of any similar projects over this 4 year period subject to agreeing a
Guaranteed Maximum Works Cost that is acceptable to the Client for each individual
subsequent project. The Guaranteed Maximum Works Cost will be based upon the
Works Cost of the preceding project(s) and allowing for economies generated by
past experience and project scale.

United Kingdom

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Jan 01 1900

Nov 18 2011

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