Face to face Services from April 2013

Buyer: The Legal Services Commission

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Legal Services Commission (LSC) is inviting interested parties to submit tenders to carry out publicly funded face-to-face legal aid Services for eligible clients from April 2013.

This opportunity contains both PQQs and ITTs.

There are two PQQs in this project
- PQQ 47 – PQQ for face-to-face legal aid Services from April 2013
- PQQ 49 – September PQQ for face-to-face legal aid Services from April 2013

PQQ 47 opened on 21 May 2012 and closed on 18 June 2012 and is no longer available for Applicant Organisations to respond to.

PQQ 49 opens on 14 September 2012 and closes at 12 noon on 28 September 2012. Applicant Organisations that responded to PQQ 47 and were subsequently notified by LSC that they passed that PQQ DO NOT need to respond to PQQ 49.

This project contains Invitations to Tender for the following Services:
- Family
- Immigration and Asylum
- Housing and Debt
- Housing Possession Court Duty Schemes

These ITTs open on 14 September 2012 and close at 12 noon on 22 October 2012.

ITTs for Mediation will also be available in this project. The first Mediation ITT opens in October 2012.

Applicant Organisations must complete and submit the ITT for each of the Services they are bidding to deliver.

Applicant Organisations must read the relevant Information For Applicants (IFA) before submitting a PQQ or ITT response. IFAs can be found in the Buyer Attachments section within the relevant PQQ / ITT or can be downloaded from LSC website:

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Sep 28 2012

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