DRD TNI- TC for Minor Improvement Works 2015

Buyer: Northern Ireland Roads Service

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Economic Operators are invited to apply for inclusion on a number of Short-Lists who will be asked to tender for the above contracts. The contracts are regulated by The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (Amended) and a Contract Notice has been dispatched to the Office for Official Publications of the European Union
This competition is for the award of six (6) Term Contracts: MIN1, MIE1, MIS1, MIW1, MIW2 and MIW3.

The 6 contracts are as follows: -
Northern Division MIN1 – Ballymoney, Coleraine, Limavady, Moyle.
Eastern Division MIE1 – Belfast North, Belfast South, Castlereagh, Lisburn.
Southern Division MIS1 – Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon.
Western Division MIW1 – Cookstown, Dungannon, Magherafelt
Western Division MIW2 – Londonderry, Strabane.
Western Division MIW3 – Fermanagh, Omagh.
Within each Contract, the works may include but not be limited to the following principal work activities provided by way of example:

A. Network Improvement Schemes
B. Drainage Installation
C. Pavement Surfacing
D. Earthworks
E. Traffic Management
F. Traffic Calming Schemes
G. Transportation Schemes
H. Working with Services / Utilities
I. Other associated ancillary works.

For each Contract, it is likely that the successful Economic Operator will be required to work at more than one location at any one time in order to meet the requirements of TransportNI’s programme of work. The Economic Operator will be expected to have sufficiently skilled and available resources necessary to meet the requirements of such a programme and will be required to include in his rates and prices for the inevitable peaks and troughs that will be inherent in any such programme. Such peaks and troughs may result from a variety of circumstances, not all within the control of TransportNI.
The financial limits for individual Orders under Minor Improvement Works shall generally be between £15,001 – £350,000 (inclusive).

United Kingdom

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Jan 01 1900

Feb 23 2015

Nola Mooney


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