Document Storage & Retrieval Services

Buyer: Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of NHS Commercial Solutions

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NHS Commercial Solutions seeks to award a framework agreement to a number of commercial providers with the capability to offer clients document archiving and retrieval services. These services may include
- intake, cataloguing, indexing and secure storage of existing physical files, including, potentially, the transfer from an existing provider;
- intake, cataloguing, indexing and secure storage of new physical files;
- additional security with very restricted access for extra sensitive files;
- box- and file-level retrieval of physical files including 4-hr response and out of hours service for current files;
- retrieval, on request, of current files via a ‘scan-on-demand’ service in a format to be agreed with the Trust;
- access for named users to the cataloguing system in order to locate and order files;
- intake and cataloguing of new documents into existing current files;
- lower-cost storage for non-current records e.g. ‘deep’ storage;
- high-volume, high quality scanning of documents in formats to be agreed with the Trust.
The requirements above will be divided into two separate lots, as follows:
Lot 1 Intake, cataloguing, indexing and secure storage of physical documents and retrieval by physical and/or electronic means.
Lot 2 The provision of high volume, high quality document scanning services.

The framework will be available to all NHS organisations but access to the framework will be via NHS Commercial Solutions. That is, NHS Commercial Solutions will manage further competitions on behalf of the Trust and implement the contract between the Trust and the Supplier.

United Kingdom

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Jan 01 1900

Jun 11 2012

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