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Buyer: Derby Homes Ltd

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The Service Provider is to investigate a site to assess its suitability for a project/development and to provide a report on the risks associated with the project/development.
Service Provider shall undertake the following services as part of this contract:
Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEAs);
Hedgerow Surveys;
River Corridor and River Habitat Surveys;
National Vegetation Classification (NVC) Surveys;
Invasive Plant Surveys;
Aquatic Macrophyte Surveys;
Lower Plant Surveys;
Bat Surveys.
As part of the assessment for developments, the Client will require an accurate topographical survey to be undertaken of the site (s).
The Client will require the Service Provider to develop and issue a full flood risk assessment report in line with the requirements set out by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).
The Client requires a full review of any potential site (s) and the history of the site (s) so that a suitable method of design and construction may be adopted for new domestic properties.
An air tightness test and an acoustic test will be undertaken to determine a properties conservation of fuel and power and resistance to the passage of sound. Tests will be undertaken in accordance with approved document part L1A and approved document part E.
Although the code for sustainable homes has now been withdrawn, the Client will still require a Service Provider to undertake the delivery of sustainable homes surveys, assessments and subsequent certification, in accordance with the Homes and Communities Agency's Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guide dated November 2010.
It is envisioned that the Client will utilise the services of Derby City Council's own in-house architects department for the delivery of such services. However, from time to time, the Client will employ a Service Provider to undertake such services.
Examples (but not an exhaustive list) of the types of projects that the Service Provider will undertake include:
— The layout of existing building drawings;
— The design of 2 storey extensions;
— The design of single storey extensions;
— The design of internal alterations;
— The design of new build houses or bungalows;
— The design of refurbishment projects (small and large scale).
In order to draw funding from the Affordable Housing Programme (AHP) 2015-18 provided by the Homes and Community Agency (HCA), the Client needs to provide a Compliance Audit undertaken by an Independent Auditor (the Service Provider). This is to ensure that policies, funding conditions and procedures, as set by the HCA, are followed correctly.
All works within the lot will be undertaken in conjunction with the HCA guidelines.
The Service Provider must provide evidence that their staff and/or operatives have obtained and hold the following:
— MRICS or FRICS accredited Surveyor;
— ACA or FCA Chartered Accountant;
— ACCA or FCCA Chartered Certified Accountant.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jul 05 2016

Jul 30 2016

71355000 - Surveying services
71355000 - Surveying services
79311000 - Survey services
79311300 - Survey analysis services
71353000 - Surface surveying services
71351810 - Topographical services
45246000 - River regulation and flood control works
45246400 - Flood-prevention works
90732500 - Soil pollution mapping
71600000 - Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services
71630000 - Technical inspection and testing services
71631430 - Leak-testing services
71632000 - Technical testing services
72225000 - System quality assurance assessment and review services
71200000 - Architectural and related services
71220000 - Architectural design services
71221000 - Architectural services for buildings
71222000 - Architectural services for outdoor areas
71223000 - Architectural services for building extensions
71240000 - Architectural, engineering and planning services
71250000 - Architectural, engineering and surveying services
71251000 - Architectural and building-surveying services
71420000 - Landscape architectural services
79200000 - Accounting, auditing and fiscal services
79210000 - Accounting and auditing services
79212000 - Auditing services
79212200 - Internal audit services
79212300 - Statutory audit services

The Council House
United Kingdom


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